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Why Forestry?


Career Opportunities

Discover how forestry is right for you.

Forests cover one-third of the land area
in the United States. Forest lands
provide many important benefits,
including recreation, scenic views,
timber, wildlife habitat, and watersheds.
An education in forestry is broad,
with hands-on experience and
unlimited job potential.

Find out why it's great to be a Jack.

From award-winning research to
NCAA Division 1 championship
athletics, we strive for excellence. SFA
is a place of personal and professional
growth, where lifelong friendships
blossom and rewarding career paths
unfold. You will look back on your
college career with pride and cherish
the memories of this special time in
your life. Our students live the
Lumberjack Experience every day.

See where SFASU Forestry will take you.

Forestry offers diverse and enriching career
potential. Many graduates follow traditional
paths as foresters, park rangers, conservation
biologists, scientists and technicians, and
managers working for private industry,
government agencies, consulting firms or

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College News

Fifth International Fire Ecology and Management Congress

December 3-7, 2012 members of the Stephen F. Austin State University Student Association for Fire Ecology traveled to Portland, Oregon for the Fifth International Fire Ecology and Management Congress.

Students attended workshops, made valuable contacts, and saw presentations from faculty, students and professionals from around the world. According to students, research and professional presentations were diverse, offering new insight into differing aspects of fire ecology at both the international and regional level.

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Newsletter - Summer 2012

For information on what is happening in the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture, check out the summer 2012 newsletter in its new format. It has been redesigned and now covers the entire college — forestry, agriculture, environmental science, and spatial science. There is something for everyone from alumni to prospective students. You’ll find student, faculty, and alumni profiles, college news, student organization highlights, and much more.

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